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Details from AudioQuest

    VIDEO: The RCA plug with yellow ovals indicates the composite video cable. This high performance cable (same as model VDM-A) uses solid Silver-Plated Copper (SPC). Silver-Plating greatly improves high frequency performance for a fraction of the cost of solid silver. Nitrogen Injected Hard Cell Foam insulation (HCF) reduces distortion caused by the insulating material, and helps maintain a stable 75�. The combination foil and braid shield provides 100% protection.

    AUDIO: The RCA plug with red ovals indicates right-channel audio; the plug with light gray ovals indicates left channel audio. The two audio cables (same as model Alpha-Snake) each use two identical solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductors. Solid conductors prevent strand interaction, which is the greatest single source of cable distortion. The simpler grain structure and fewer impurities within LGC copper significantly reduce distortion compared to normal high-purity copper. A 100% coverage shield insures noise-free performance.

    Gold-Plated plugs are professionally attached with specially formulated AudioQuest solder.


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