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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    AudioQuest is known for bring the top of the line in producing exceptional audio and video cables that help to enhance your system's entire profile. Solid silver–plated conductors offer reduced distortion thanks to the high–purity silver and careful construction. With an air–filled Polyethylene foam Insulation, the cable is stiff and durable, and the materials work well with the precision gold–plated plugs. Couple your computer to any number of gear options with the USB to USB connectors available within this AQ piece. Roughly 2.6 feet long, this 1.5m cable offers a no–nonsense length perfect for connecting important components for whatever need you have. Whether it's your computer, television, or audio gear that needs this steady connection, trust AudioQuest to deliver exactly what you need.

Details from AudioQuest

    The digital sun has finally emerged with the finest quality consumer digital audio ever available in the form of 24/88.2 and 24/96 audio files, transferred over USB (Universal Serial Bus) to a new generation of superb DACa??s (Digital Audio Converters), whether built into todaya??s best receivers and amps, or as stand alone components. Even 44.1K files taken off a CD can provide better-than-CD quality through a USB interface to a premium DAC. To ensure that your favorite music is transferred with minimal distortion (jitter), AudioQuest offers 5 models of USB cable, featuring better metals, critical signal-pair geometry, Dielectric Bias-System, Noise-Dissipation System...all of AudioQuesta??s proven techniques for delivering superior digital audio.


Features & Specs

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    5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor -Carry In Service
Detailed Specifications
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  • Solid 1.25% Silver-Plated Conductors
  • Solid PE Dielectric
  • Low-jitter, Low-distortion


Included Coverage from AudioQuest: 5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor -Carry In Service

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