AudioQuest Forest | 1.5m Mini to Standard USB Cable

    Solid LGC Conductors Low-jitter, Low-distortion Gold Plated Contacts


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Product Highlights

    AudioQuest is known for bring the top of the line in producing exceptional audio and video cables that help to enhance your system's entire profile. Forest cables boast solid 0.5% silver conductors, made of high–purity silver to reduce distortion and keep the signal traveling cleanly. Gold–plated terminations offer precision delivery to your components. With a Mini USB to Standard USB connection, you will be ready whenever your gear needs this connection to get the job done. With a cable measuring 1.5m (4.92 feet), you have flexibility to move your components around, trusting that AudioQuest's lengths will give you extra space with which to move. Whether it's your computer, television, or audio gear that needs this steady connection, trust AudioQuest to deliver exactly what you need.

Details from AudioQuest

    Whether music is being transferred from an external hard drive, or a computer is being hooked up to powered desktop speakers, or a professional DAC is being fed through its Mini-USB input, these AudioQuest cables all make a very big difference ... this is just as true for a 128K file as for a 24/96 file. Respect the music, however it is packaged!

    To respect different budgets and different applications, AudioQuest offers 5 models of low-jitter low-distortion Mini-USB cable, featuring better materials, critical signal-pair geometry, and for the top models AudioQuest's amazingly effective Dielectric-Bias System.


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    Solid LGC Conductors Low-jitter, Low-distortion Gold Plated Contacts


Included Coverage from AudioQuest: 5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor -Carry In Service

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