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Definitive Technology CS–8080HD | Center Channel Loudspeaker

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Definitive Technology

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    Optimum surround sound home theater reproduction places heavy demands on the center channel speaker, which in many respects is the main speaker in the system and often handles 50% or more of the program material. Ita??s no place to compromise and settle for second best. Recognizing the center speakera??s vital role Definitive pioneered the concept of full frequency range high-definition center-channel speakers.

    All Definitive CS series center channel models are designed with the same rigid standards and high performance goals as main left and right front speakers and feature wide frequency response and extended dynamic range with extraordinary detail and articulation.

Details from Definitive Technology

    Built-in Powered Subwoofers Make a Dramatic Audible Difference
    Most audio experts agree that the ideal surround speaker system would have 5 identical truly full range speakers at every position. But most rooms and setups cana??t accommodate 5 identical large speakers. So we engineered the next best thing a?? a truly full range center speaker that fits on a shelf.

    The CS-8080HD features a 5 x 10-inch racetrack subwoofer driver powered by a 300 Watt digital amplifier. The active driver is pressure coupled to two racetrack shaped low bass radiators for a total bass radiating area considerably greater than a 12-inch round woofer.

    The brawny 300 Watt Class D amplifier features an integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) a?? in essence a mini computer a?? that equalizes the woofer system to extend and smooth the bass response, provides a phase coherent crossover network to perfectly blend the subwoofer system with the midrange array for seamless high performance. Digital protection systems tightly monitor and control the woofer system to prevent bad noises and woofer damage at ultra-high volume levels. The bottom line is the CS-8080HDa??s outperforms any similarly sized center speaker by a wide margin.

    Youa??ll enjoy a truly full dynamic range and full frequency center channel that actually outperforms many floor-standing main speakers. With the CS-8080HD you will fully realize the performance potential of the center channel program material as the movie director intended it to be heard.

    Its upward-firing woofer system only requires 1" (25mm) of clearance, so it works perfectly whether you mount it in free-air or put it in a cabinet.

    The "HD" in the name of this speaker stands for High Dispersion. Dispersing the center channel sound evenly over a broad area of the room is vital if all listeners in the room (even those sitting well off-axis) are to hear clear, concise and highly intelligible dialog. Wea??ve engineered the CS models with our latest generation ultra-high definition midrange drivers that set new standards for wide dispersion.

    The CS-8080HD features a Da??Appolito array consisting of two cast-basket 5-1/4" (13cm) second generation BDSS midrange drivers surrounding a 1" annealed Pure Aluminum dome tweeter housed in an acoustically isolated sealed enclosure. These are the same drivers and tweeters used in the BP-8080ST bipolar SuperTower loudspeakers, making the CS-8080HD the perfect center channel match. The drivers feature Definitivea??s patented Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology that supports the speaker cone at both the inner and outer edges allowing longer, more linear excursion for greater clarity and finely textured inner detail. A new patent pending Linear Response Waveguidea?? smoothes off-axis frequency response and disperses sound over a wider area for crystal clear intelligibility for every listener in the room.

    The 1" (25mm) tweeter is a pure aluminum dome, which has been heat-treated to relax the crystal structure and then coated with a ceramic to produce extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess.

    Non-Resonant, Low-Diffraction Cabinet Maintains Sonic Purity
    All the driver and electronics technology in the world would be for wasted if housed in a resonance-prone box. We devoted as much Design and Engineering attention to the styling and construction of the 8080a??s enclosure as any other part of its design.

    The tapered front of enclosure serves to make it appear slimmer while also enhancing sound quality by minimizing cabinet diffraction distortion. The decorative high gloss end caps and top trim panel add elegance to the matte black grille cloth the way satin piping adds dash to a tuxedo.

    The CS-8080HDa??s enclosure is solidly built
    But the enclosurea??s most important job is to be totally inert and resonance free so as not to color the sound. And thata??s just we did in engineering the CS enclosures. Wherever a driver or low bass radiator is attached to the cabinet we placed a second layer of heavy MDF (a low resonance wood composite) to prevent the moving drivers from imparting vibration to the rest of the enclosure. The sealed midrange enclosure also serves to provide bracing for the enclosure walls to further stiffen the system. Tap on the top of a CS enclosure to hear the solid "thud" of a stiff, well-damped cabinet instead of the hollow ring of poorly constructed speakers. NOTE: the high gloss polymer composite end caps are decorative elements; they are not part of the acoustical system.

    The Proof is in the Listening
    This extraordinary speaker sets a new reference standard for center speakers in its price and size class and achieves equally superb performance with both muusic and movies. The BP-8080ST reproduces a silky smooth, incredibly detailed music, dialog and sound effects at lifelike volume levels with a sense of ease which is truly remarkable.

    Now that youa??re thoroughly impressed with the technology and passion wea??ve poured into the CWS-8080HD it is time to find a stocking dealer near you to audition this remarkable achievement of art and science.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    5 Years Parts and Labor / 3 Years on the Electronics
Detailed Specifications
  • Dimensions :6-3/4" H x 23-1/2" W x 14" D | 17.15cm H x 59.7cm W x 35.6cm D
  • Driver complement :2 each 5-1/4" (13cm) BDSS midrange drivers, 1 each 1" (25mm) aluminum dome tweeter, 1 each 5" x 10" active subwoofer driver pressure coupled to 2 each 5" x 10" Low-bass radiator
  • Frequency response :20Hz - 30kHz
  • Sensitivity :92 dB
  • Nominal impedance :8 Ohms
  • Recommended amplifier power :20 - 300 Watts
  • A/V Receiver Crossover Setting :Large, full range
  • Internal amplifier power :300 Watts
  • Auto On / Off :Signal Sensing
  • Power Requirements :110 volts A/C (product not available outside of USA, Canada and Latin America)
  • Input :One pair of 5 way binding posts; One LFE input (optional)
  • Product weight :33 lbs. | 15kg
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Included Coverage from Definitive Technology: 5 Years Parts and Labor / 3 Years on the Electronics

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