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    Put one million anti-static carbon fibers to worka??cleaning your treasured vinyl collection! Tiny carbon fibers dig deep into the grooves of your records and pull out dust. The brush's support stand doubles as a cleaning tool, too.

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    The hunt eda record cleaning brush contains over 1,000,000 anti static carbon fibers. The fibers are in two rows with a static grounding pad centered between. The grounding pad supports the tiny carbon fibers and keeps them erect so they can dig down deep into the groove and extract trapped dust. Look at a record. It contains microscopic undulations inside the groove wall smaller than a human hair that the naked eye cannot see. This is how music is stored on an lp. And this is why fat pads will not do. A fat pad can't get down into the groove. It simply brushes over the top and removes the surface dust. The real culprit is the dust that's trapped deep in the record groove. The only way to remove this dust is with the hunt eda. It's super easy to use. Don't push it down on the record simply support the back of the brush with your hand and let the brush's weight do the work. You want to keep those bristles erect not rolled over. The hunt eda comes with it's own support stand which also doubles as a cleaning tool. Slide the stand back and forth across the carbon fiber bristles to remove the dust. This will keep the carbon fibers clean and free from your messy hand oils. Use alone or ideally with a zerostat gun. First, destat the record with the gun then use the hunt eda to brush the dust off. There is no finer dry record cleaning method.


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