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    Niles fire rated metal loudspeaker enclosures are manufactured from high-grade cold-rolled steal and filled with rock wool insulation. They are able to be installed in different sized stud bays and ceiling tile systems and come with all the hardware needed to install the enclosure and attach 3/8" conduit to it. The hardware supplied includes the ceiling tile rails needed for drop tile ceilings. All enclosure styles exceed the one-hour fire rating requirements of ASTM-E-119, NFPA-251, UL 263, ULC CAN/ULC - S101 and UBC 7-1. They are certified for installation in plenum spaces and meet the requirements of UL 2043. Each enclosure s volume is optimized for the loudspeaker being installed into it. This improves the bass response of the loudspeaker and insures performance regardless of construction variations. The rock wool insulation exceeds the fire-rating requirements and reduces the sound transmission into adjacent spaces by at least 10 dB. The pre-drilled holes and hanging tab facilitate the installation process and insure that all installation safety requirements are met without wasted time or effort by the installer. Choose the correct sized enclosure for your loudspeaker and rest assured that your installation will meet building codes and sound great.


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