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Polk Audio UltraFit 3000 White/Gray In-Ear Headphones with Inline Microphone (AM3103-A)

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    With the Polk Audio UltraFit 3000 you're going to get headphones that athletes dream of - a snug in-ear fit with a short cord that isn't going to leave you feeling strangled halfway through your workout. Though athletic and compact in design it does not skimp on Polk's traditional high-quality sound.

Details from Polk Audio

    Winning Sound
    We understand your competitive drive, the athlete`s passion for winning. We understand what you need in a pair of headphones: Great sound to drive your workout, a build quality that`s rugged enough to take punishment, and a fit that never gets in the way of your focus. So we designed our new UltraFit Series of headphones both to enhance your headphone listening experience and to endure your most demanding workouts, comfortably.

    The UltraFit Series blends an athletic intensity and the aesthetics of sound with the practicalities of a useful tool. They`re engineered for comfort, performance and durability. You`ll appreciate how they fit and stay put even through the roughest workouts. You`ll be impressed and delighted by the dynamic sound quality of the UltraFit headphones. Combine all these features as we have, and you`ll enjoy a new dimension in personal audio: comfortable, rugged, high-performance headphones good enough for the athlete in all of us.

    If it makes sound, we make it sound better.
    Polk Audio is famous for our fundamental research into the nature of sound, which has helped us develop groundbreaking audio products for almost 40 years. Our record speaks for itself, with over 65 worldwide patents for audio innovations and scores of industry and consumer press awards. We still design and engineer our products personally, from the ground up.

    So when some Polk Audio engineers, amateur athletes and gym-rats began to notice shortcomings in the -inchsport headphones-inch they were using, they set about doing what Polk Audio engineers do: They solved the problems. Although it is challenging to -inchimprove-inch an existing product category, they`ve designed a winning -inchsport headphone-inch that outpaces the pack.

    What makes a great performance?
    If you`ve ever worked out wearing headphones, you know music makes it much easier to go longer, go harder. In fact, it`s a scientific fact that music improves training and performance. For the athlete, a great performance may be that piece of music that helps push him or her through those last marathon miles or last workout minutes. For us, a great performance is all about engaging lifelike music reproduction. Both take a lot of effort, a desire to do better, and this is where an athlete`s goals and Polk Audio`s technological goals meet.

    When they created the new UltraFit Series of headphones, Polk Audio engineers combined a sonic performance standard beyond the range of most headphones with the comfort, fit and durability needs of anyone who expects as much from their headphones as they do from themselves.

    Comfort & Secure Fit
    Never get distracted by wires or controls. Put them on and forget them, focus on your training and get completely lost in your motivation. UltraFit Headphones are designed to be practically -inchinvisible-inch to the wearer.

    Easily Accessible Audio & Microphone Controls
    Sometimes you need to turn it up, skip a track, answer the phone. UltraFit Headphones put simple controls within easy reach.

    Lightweight, Rugged & Durable
    Welcome to the last pair of sports headphones you will ever need to buy.

    No Cable Tangle
    Too much and you`re in a wrestling match. Not enough and you`ve got only a limited range of movement. We provide multiple lengths of high quality, flat, non-tangle cable.

    Non-Microphonic Cable
    No sound transfer from exterior bumps and impacts.

    Moisture Resistant
    We sweated the design details so your sweat won`t short out your headphones.

    Moisture Management
    During a hard workout, sweat can fill your ear. UltraFit Headphones channel moisture and stay in place through thick and thin.

    Odor Resistant, Washable Materials
    Nobody wants to smell like a locker room all the time. Special odor resistant materials stay neutral, resist odors and are easily washable.

    Variable Noise Suppression
    Whether you train in a gym or on the road, you may need to be aware of your environment during a workout. The UltraFit Headphone Series features 4 models with various degrees of noise suppression. Choose the one that fits your needs.
    All this innovation, plus performance-enhancing audio:

    Wider Dynamic Range
    No other sport headphone sound as big and engaging as the UltraFit Series. Superior dynamic range completely envelopes you in sound.

    Smooth & Transparent Sound
    UltraFit transducers are engineered for flat frequency response, for more lifelike sound.

    Superior materials and audiophile design tunes out the usual harsh, bright headphone sound, so you hear only the music.

    Solid Bass
    Experience surprisingly deep bass response with UltraFit headphones. The secret is in the design utilizing an actual tuned vent. Truly deep, musical bass drives you on to new heights.


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