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    ProMaster Helps Your Rein In Your Important Accessories

    ProMaster’s leash caps bring peace of mind, so some of your smallest accessories don’t get misplaced, and your lens are always covered. Having a lens cap is a good way to be sure your lens will be covered while traveling or not in use, and a leash helps ensure that you have one less thing to worry about during shoots. Stick the included pad to ensure the leash stays on, or if the cap has a loop for a leash, you can trust that it will create a secure hold.

Details from ProMaster

    The PROMASTER Universal Cap Leash attaches to your lens and then has TWO different mounting methods or the cap. Either use the sticky pad for caps without a dedicated leash hole or take the sticky off and attach to the mounting hole on your PROMASTER or other premium cap.


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Included Coverage from ProMaster: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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