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Sonos PLAYBASE | Black Wireless Soundbase Speaker

  • TV sound and music you can feel, from a speaker you’ll barely see.
  • Two–in–one. Adds full–theater sound for your TV. Streams music, too.
  • Simple two–cord setup. One for power. One for your TV.
  • Works with your existing TV remote.
  • Syncs wirelessly with SUB and two PLAY:1s for 5.1 surround sound.
  • Design that disappears under your TV. Sound you just can’t miss.


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Sonos PLAYBASE White Wireless Soundbase Speaker for TVs

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    What’s on your TV is only as good as what your TV is on.

    Most soundbars sound better when mounted on a wall, and most TVs rest on furniture or stands. The Sonos PLAYBASE is the wireless speaker your TV can stand on, with a low profile design that nearly disappears below the screen while filling the room with epic home theater sound. Replace the thin, weak, built–in speakers of your TV with ten amplified internal drivers – 3 tweeters, 6 midrange, and 1 woofer – and experience huge sound to designed to match the incredible picture of your HDTV. Utilize PLAYBASE Trueplay technology to custom–tune sound for your movie space with automatic adjustments to each woofer and tweeter. Download the Sonos App to control all your music in multiple rooms, and utilize other setting options like volume control. Choose between black or white, designed to match any home décor.

Details from Sonos

    Movies and music to the power of 10.

    PLAYBASE uses ten amplified internal drivers–six midrange, three tweeters, and one woofer–to replace the steady drip of your TV's built–in speakers with deep booms, crystal clear whispers, and huge waves of sound.

    An off–the–wall approach to better TV sound.

    Conventional soundbars work best when wall–mounted directly below your TV. Problem is, most TVs aren’t on walls. They’re standing on credenzas and tabletops. PLAYBASE to the rescue. It’s elegant, low profile design practically disappears beneath your TV, yet it fills your entire viewing room with sound that’s flat out amazing.

    Trueplay, custom speaker–tuning for your PLAYBASE.

    Trueplay bounces sound off various surfaces in your TV room, analyzing the distance from each wall, the location of your PLAYBASE, and the spot you love to watch from. Then it adjusts each woofer and tweeter to make sure perfectly–tuned sound reaches your ears from every direction at just the right instant and volume.

    One app. Complete music control.

    The Sonos app helps you quickly search through all your services to track down favorite music, send it to different rooms, and adjust the volume and other settings. You don’t even have to be in the same room. And if your friends have the Sonos app, they can do the same.

    Over 30 music streaming services available.

    Sonos plays everything–the most popular streaming services, on–demand Internet radio, your favorite podcasts and audiobooks, your go–to collection of downloads–whatever you love to listen to.

    Dialog enhancement.

    Having a hard time hearing what’s being said? PLAYBASE uses custom drivers to deliver crisp, clear dialog to the center channel where your ears can best discern it. Need even more clarity? Turn on Speech Enhancement to keep the dialog at a consistent level and reduce the volume of any loud sound effects.

    Night mode.

    Watching late at night and don’t want to disturb the rest of the house? Turn on Night Sound. At lower volumes, quiet sounds are enhanced and the intensity of loud sounds is reduced.

    Two cords. That’s it.

    One power cord. And one optical cord that connects to your TV. You don’t even have to read a manual because the Sonos app guides you through every step of the setup process. Including connecting PLAYBASE to your WiFi so you can stream your favorite music.

    Plays everything.

    Cable boxes. Gaming consoles. Satellite boxes. Blu–ray players. If it’s connect to your TV, PLAYBASE will play it.

    Widescreen sound. No wall mount required.

    PLAYBASE securely supports TVs up to 75 lbs. Which covers just about any TV that comes with its own stand.

    Expand beyond the TV room.

    PLAYBASE makes movies, sports, TV, games, and music come alive…but just in one room. Add more Sonos speakers to your home and you can listen to what’s playing on your TV in any room.

    Grows to 5.1 with zero drama.

    PLAYBASE is just the beginning of the ultimate home theater experience. Add a Sonos SUB for soul–shaking bass. Want full surround sound? Use a pair of PLAY:1, PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 speakers for rear channels.

    One less remote to worry about.

    PLAYBASE works with almost all TV, cable box, and universal remotes by learning their infrared (IR) commands during setup. The remotes you have are all you need.

    Never obsolete.

    Software updates mean the product you buy today will be even better tomorrow.


Features & Specs

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Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor -Carry In Service
Detailed Specifications
  • 10x Class–D digital amplifiers.
  • 6x midwoofers
  • 3x tweeters
  • 1x woofer
  • Optical digital output
  • Audio
  • Ten amplified speaker drivers: six mid–range, three tweeters, and one woofer.
  • Ten Class–D digital amplifiers.
  • Optical input: connect to your TV. Allows PLAYBASE to speak DOLBY DIGITAL and stereo.
  • Adjustable bass, treble, and loudness controls: To customize your sound preferences.
  • Autoplay setting: Lets you choose whether or not TV audio will begin playback automatically.
  • Power & Networking
  • Power supply: Auto–switching 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz AC universal input.
  • WiFi, not Bluetooth: Connects to your home WiFi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast–capable router for uninterrupted wireless streaming.
  • Ethernet port: A single Ethernet port can connect PLAYBASE to a wired home network.
  • System requirements
  • TV with optical audio output.
  • Broadband Internet in your home.
  • Sonos Controller App.
  • General
  • Weight: 18.85 lbs. (8.6 kg)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.28 x 28.35 x 14.96 in. (58 x 720 x 380 mm)
  • Touch–interface controls & lights: Capacitive touch controls for volume up/down, previous/next track, and play/pause.
  • LED: Indicates Sonos component status and mute status.
Product Bullets
  • TV sound and music you can feel, from a speaker you’ll barely see.
  • Two–in–one. Adds full–theater sound for your TV. Streams music, too.
  • Simple two–cord setup. One for power. One for your TV.
  • Works with your existing TV remote.
  • Syncs wirelessly with SUB and two PLAY:1s for 5.1 surround sound.
  • Design that disappears under your TV. Sound you just can’t miss.


Included Coverage from Sonos: 1 Year Parts / 1 Year Labor -Carry In Service

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