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SUNHEAT SH–750 | Oak Infrared Portable Heater w/ 500 sq. ft. coverage

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Details & Highlights

Product Highlights

    The Original SUNHEAT is safe around children and pets. The all wood cabinetry stays cool to the touch, no matter how long it runs. We find pets love to lie near, even on top of the unit. The wood cabinet is safe to put decorations and floral arrangements on. The SUNHEAT cannot start a fire. Infrared waves have the capability to deliver very effective heat at low temperatures, 200°F or less. That means that the heat output will never reach combustible levels, even for the most delicate material. The Original SUNHEAT is designed to be left on even when you are away from home.

Details from Sunheat

    How the SUNHEAT works
    The combination of industrial grade infrared heat tubes and cured copper are the basis for this amazing zone heater. The infrared heat tubes transfer heat to cured copper cylinders.The whisper quiet fan pulls air from the room, through a lifetime washable filter, and into the heat chamber. The moisture in the air absorbs the infrared heat as it passes around and over the copper. This warm moist air is pushed out into the room, where it warms you and the objects in the room. This transitive heating process is similar to how humidity and sunlight combine to create a heat index in the summertime.

    How your Heating Costs are Cut
    Hundreds of thousands of SUNHEAT customers have saved hundreds of dollars on their heating costs by trading the high cost of heating oil and fuels for the cheaper and more stable price of electricity. The savings starts there. If you reduce your consumption of heating fuels by turning down your furnace, you naturally save money. The next step is to only heat the areas/rooms you spend the majority of your time in. Most people spend 80% of their time living in only 20% of their home. Why pay to heat the whole house? The Original SUNHEAT is a powerful portable, supplemental heat source that allows you to turn down your furnace and put the heat where you live. SUNHEAT will effectively heat: bedrooms, family rooms, dens, basements, living rooms; any 300 to 500 sq ft area of your home.

    Savings You Can Expect
    The normal heating season is considered to be October 1 to March 31.
    The largest savings during this season can be in October, November and later parts of March because of the wide fluctuation in the outside temperature on a daily bases. With a SUNHEAT heater you may be able to delay turning on your furnace in the fall and turn off your furnace earlier in the spring. The use of a SUNHEAT heater in these conditions can translate into significant savings. Different regions of the country use different primary heating sources: Heating Oil in the Northeast, Natural Gas and Propane across the Midwest and West and Electricity across the country. The type and cost of heating fuel your furnace operates on will directly impact your savings.

    SUNHEAT Savings Examples
    For every degree you lower you thermostat you can expect a 5% savings. If you turn down your furnace from 72° to 60°, or 12 degrees, you could save 60% or $1152.60. The national average rate per kilowatt hour for electricity is .0987 cents. The Original SUNHEAT will draw 1.5 kwh or less than .15 cents per hour. We project the average cost of running a SUNHEAT heater for the heating season will be about $255. This is based on 1700kwh. Lowering your thermostat more when you are away during the day could result in even greater savings. If you choose to lower your furnace by only 5 or 8 degrees the savings will be less. The insulation of attics, walls, doors and windows can affect the overall energy efficiently of your home. The number of total heating days and other regional factors will impact individual savings. These estimates are not a guarantee but a projection of possible savings.

    Similar to soft water systems that soften hard water the Original SUNHEAT produces soft warm heat. The air is pulled through a lifetime filter into the heat chamber where infrared heat tubes, surrounded by pure copper canisters, transfer the infrared heat to the water molecules in the air. The air is then pushed out into the room where the water molecules warm the objects in the room: carpet, chairs, sofa, etc. This transitive heating process allows the heat to be absorbed by water molecules in the air. The warm moist air then warms everything in the room.

    When you stand in front of a traditional heat source like a fireplace or space heater, the side of you turned to the heat is warm, often hot, but the side away from the heat is cool, often cold. So, you have to keep turning around and around to get warm. Because the infrared heat is transferred to the objects in the room the warmth starts down at floor level and fills up the room. The heat does not rapidly rise like most heating systems to the ceiling. The Original SUNHEAT provides comfortable even heat, floor to ceiling, and wall to wall.

    The lifetime washable filter is not a purification system but it does collect particles floating in the air, removing some allergens and dust. Many fireplaces, stoves and space heaters produce a dry heat that breaks up the water molecules in the air and all the heat collects at the ceiling. This type of heating dries out your sinuses, throat and skin. Your home becomes static filled, uncomfortable and unhealthy. SUNHEAT filters the air and warms your home without drying out the air, so you get a warm, healthy, comfortable home environment.


Features & Specs

Best Seller
Manufacturer's Warranty
    5 Year Limited
Detailed Specifications
  • Increases ambient air temp. 100 degrees.
  • Thermostatically controlled.
  • Heats 300 - 500 Square feet.
  • Power Cord-6 ft.
  • 750 Watts, 6.5 Amps.
  • 12 inches wide, 13.5 inches deep, 14 inches high.
  • Warranty-Limited 3 Years / Parts & Labor.
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Included Coverage from Sunheat: 5 Year Limited

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